Static and Ground Loads-Loads and Dynamics Engineer

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Greensboro, NC, United States,

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Static and Ground Loads-Loads and Dynamics Engineer

Honda Aircraft Company  Greensboro, North Carolina, United States (On-site)

General Summary:

The HondaJet brand is built on a legacy of innovation and technological refinement that our employees will be responsible for continuing by leading the people, processes and tools to meet the needs of Honda Aircraft Company. As part of Loads and Dynamics team, you will be responsible for the computation of aircraft static flight maneuver loads, dynamic loads, ground maneuver loads, and fatigue loads. The loads effort will support development of airframe design, structural and flight test, and certification activities in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

The Loads and Dynamics team at the Honda Aircraft Company is accepting applications for Static Flight and/or Ground Loads Engineer. Their coursework and experience should reflect developing relevant aircraft design loads.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As Loads and Dynamics Engineer, duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to the following:

·         Develop 1) Static flight maneuver loads for conditions including symmetric and lateral flight maneuvers, and gust response; 2) Ground loads for conditions.

·         Perform design loads analysis using commercial and in-house tools and processes.

·         Provide design solutions related to variety of Loads and Dynamics technical issues.

·         Participate in aircraft development activities and coordination amongst various design teams.

·         Develop airframe design loads based on Loads and Dynamics design criteria in accordance with certification requirements.

·         Develop mass properties and aerodynamic databases required to build design analysis models and compute static and dynamic loads.

·         Develop aircraft control surface loads and miscellaneous loads including doors, windows, pressurization, and etc…

·         Develop Loads and Dynamics certification documents.

Education, Work Experience, Certification and/or Licensure:

·         Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering or related STEM technical disciplines from an ABET accredited university required, MS degree or PhD in Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering is preferred.

·         Applicant’s years of demonstrated experience producing aircraft design loads, conducting structural and flight testing, and practical experience in building analysis models shall be considered for relevant engineering level.

·         Professional communication skills both written and verbal to engage regulatory agencies.

·         Experience and demonstrated proficiency in Unix/Linux, FORTRAN, C/C , MATLAB, VBA, MSC/NASTRAN, MSC/PATRAN, MSC/FLIGHTLOADS, CATIA, and Python.

·         Travel required 25% or less

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Knowledge of static flight maneuver loads, static and dynamic ground loads, and dynamic loads including Tuned Gust and PSD; control surface component loads; miscellaneous loads including component and ground support equipment loads. Experience with turbine engine fan blade out, emergency landing loads, as well as flutter and vibratory analysis, is desirable.

·         Knowledge of, and experience with, FAA FAR 23 and EASA CS 23 Loads regulatory requirements and means of compliance is required, and experience with FAA FAR 25 and EASA CS 25 Loads regulatory requirements and means of compliance is desirable.

·         Must be proficient in generating documentation to support certification efforts related to external loads.

·         Knowledge of, and experience with, aeroelastic principles and concepts, including but not limited to static aeroelastic analysis including divergence and control reversal, is required.

·         Knowledge of, and experience with, dynamic aeroelastic analysis is desirable. Demonstrated knowledge of FEA and doublet-lattice aero modeling techniques, particularly in MSC/NASTRAN, is desirable.

·         Strong knowledge of CFD principles and CFD-based modeling, along with wind tunnel test data usage for Loads analysis, is required. Applicant must be able to communicate aerodynamic, structures and systems discipline input needs to ensure accurate load set development and conveyance.

·         Strong knowledge of flight test data analysis related to structural design loads substantiation, as well as a demonstrated ability or experience with development of computational methods relating to loads analysis.

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